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Messages from the UP President

26 March 2020鈥擬essage from UP President Danilo L. Concepcion to the PGH community
To the Staff and Administration of UP-PGH,
On behalf of our community at the 精东影业鈥攊ndeed, on behalf of the Filipino people鈥攍et me thank you, first of all, for your courageous, selfless, and outstanding service in these very trying times. Our nation and our people are suffering from a devastating scourge, and those of you at the frontlines are performing a heroic and unenviable function. [Read full text]

20 March 2020鈥擴P president addresses the university community
Dear members of the UP community:
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you all for your amazing response to this crisis鈥攁 global situation the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetimes. We have been forced to suspend classes, work and all other campus activities, and to stay inside our homes and practice social distancing, all to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to keep our healthcare system from being dangerously overwhelmed. For some of us, the effects of these measures on our finances, work, and social lives, and on our mental and physical health, have been devastating. [Read full text]

20 March 2020鈥擜ctions on academic matters

11 March 2020鈥擴P’s response to COVID-19

About COVID-19

Health Advisory

Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Advice for the UP Community [Read full advisory] | [Download PDF version of infographics]
What to do while at home on enhanced community quarantine:Home quarantine-1

Home quarantine-2


COVID-19 Test Kit

What does the NIH-PGC test kit contain?

What does the locally produced COVID-19 test kit contain? These are explained by Dr. Raul Destura of the 精东影业 Manila National Institutes of Health and Philippine Genome Center to members of the media during the press conference on March 12. While the kit can be dependably used as it is, it does contain a component that allows for a quality control mechanism with the aid of the experts at the PGC.

For Dr. Cynthia Saloma of the PGC, the samples that will be derived from the kit will allow them to analyze the origin of the COVID-19 virus circulating among patients with the disease. It would also allow them to compare this with those found in other countries.

With the test kit and analysis, UP Manila Chancellor, Dr. Carmencita Padilla is confident of the University’s capability, as it does have the necessary equipment to get the job done.

The Philippine Genome Center: Stockpiling for COVID-19 [Learn more]

10 March 2020鈥擜s the world grapples with the spread of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, countries such as the Philippines are mobilizing its experts in preparation of its impact on its citizens.

Among those actively working to address the public health concern is the Philippine Genome Center of the 精东影业.
On February 13, 2020, its pharmaceutical partner, Manila HealthTek, Inc. released a photo of a locally-made test kit which is the product of efforts by experts at the PGC and the National Institutes of Health, UP Manila. [Read full story]

COVID-19: Dr. Raul Destura explaining the process of collecting samples
Collecting samples for COVID-19 is a risky and challenging task. In this video, epidemiologist Dr. Raul Destura of the National Institutes of Health, UP Manila and Philippine Genome Center, explains how it is carefully and properly done. According to Destura, a medical professional who intends to collect samples from a suspected patient should be wearing the following: Personal protective equipment (PPE); N95 mask; gloves; goggles or face shield; water resistant or waterproof laboratory gown.

All of these must be worn, observing the proper donning and doffing so as to prevent the person collecting samples from patients from getting into contact with any contaminant from the kit. The equipment, he added, must also be disposed of properly, abiding by generally-adopted protocols.

7 April 2020鈥擜fter weeks of field trials, the country’s first locally-developed test kits for COVID-19 detection finally received the green light for public use. The Food and Drug Administration last week issued a certificate of product registration for the GenAmplify鈩 COVID-19 rRT-PCR Detection Kit, the low-cost test kit invented by a team of scientists from the 精东影业 National Institutes of Health, the Philippine Genome Center, and The Manila HealthTek Inc.

30 March 2020鈥擳he Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on Monday announced that at least 120,000 locally-developed test kits for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) will be available starting Saturday.

30 March 2020鈥擳he field validation of the locally developed COVID-19 test kits funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and made by scientists at the 精东影业-National Institute of Health (UP-NIH) is expected to be finished by April 1, DOST鈥檚 top official announced on Monday.

UP-PGH Bayanihan Na! Operations Center

Bayanihan Na! UP-PGH launches COVID-19 Ops Center
31 March 2020-155-200 is the number to call. And it鈥檚 open 24/7. The UP-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) launched its Bayanihan Na! COVID-19 Operations Center on March 30 to answer queries related to COVID-19, including how to volunteer and donate. [Read full story]

UP officials discuss the establishment of UP PGH Bayanihan Operations Center

UP President Danilo Concepcion, UP Manila Chancellor Carmencita Padilla, and UP Philippine General Hospital Director Gerardo Legaspi discuss the establishment of a formal system and structure to facilitate the University鈥檚 reception of support for its frontline workers. While UP has the financial capability to readily procure personal protective equipment for its health and medical personnel, the challenge has been on the supply end. [See photo story]

Isang Pagsaludo sa mga Intern ng Philippine General Hospital

UP PGH Bayanihan Na Operations Center

UP-PGH launches 鈥楾ele-kumusta鈥

Para sa pasyente, para sa pamilya.

UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team

UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team launches new features on

The UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team (UP PRT) launches new features in, a web portal created to provide the public with vital information and tools in the fight against COVID-19. [Read full story]

The UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team has created a web portal () mapping out COVID-19 cases in the country in clear, useful detail. [Read full story]

Addressing the Immediate Needs of All, Especially the Most Vulnerable Sectors: Analysis and Recommendations

Social, economic, and political inequalities are starkly manifested in times of disasters.
Read the full report here.

ECQ doing good, 鈥榞raduated activation鈥 recommended after April 30鈥擴P pandemic response team

The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) imposed over Luzon, along with other interventions, has indeed slowed down the spread of COVID-19 virus, based on 鈥渢he best available data鈥, according to a team specially formed by the 精东影业 to help government make informed interventions against the pandemic.
Read the story here.

Estimating Local Healthcare Capacity to Deal with COVID-19 Case Surge: Analysis and Recommendations

The rising number of cases of COVID-19 infections on a daily basis is a serious concern as there are limits to hospital care capacity for patients with serious symptoms (e.g. difficulty in breathing). Should the number of infected people rapidly rise, there may come a time when the hospital care resources will be overwhelmed. The UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team, in its latest model run, estimates the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases to reach 9,000 to 44,000 by the end of April 2020. As of April 16 DOH reports a total of 5,660 confirmed cases.
Download the report here.

Modified Community Quarantine beyond April 30: Analysis and Recommendations

The extension of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) raises the question on how effective the ECQ has been to contain the spread of COVID-19. If it is, how should it be implemented after April 30 without unnecessarily paralyzing local economies over a long period of time?
Download the report here.

Preparing for a Post-ECQ Scenario: Analysis and Recommendations

The UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team releases the results of its projections, analyses, and recommendations to aid decision-making. Here鈥檚 what they have found:

  • The peak of the 鈥渃urve鈥 is estimated to be seen by the end of April to June
  • As many as 140,000-550,000 people are projected to be infected in Metro Manila, including undetected, mild and asymptomatic cases comprising probably 80% of the total
  • Hospital bed capacity and other healthcare metrics can be projected based on the proportion of severe cases (5%)
  • School and work lockdown, requiring PPEs, hand-washing, and social distancing are projected to help flatten the curve
  • A modified, location-specific community quarantine strategy can be explored in light of different realities on the ground
  • There is a need for more open, transparent data and sharing of information so we can apply the best science available

Download the report .

UP Introduces COVID Chatbot

UP Resilience Institute introduces COVID chatbot

Meet Yani, the newest AI member of the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team! Yani, short for baYANIhan and named in honor of our heroes in the fight against COVID-19, is ready to help you find the information you need.

If you鈥檙e looking for the nearest hospitals, psychosocial support, or policy information, Yani has got you covered: Yani is ready to chat every time you visit 听and can converse both in English and Filipino (dapat!)

LGBT slang or the Beki language option is now available when you converse with Yani! If you鈥檙e looking for COVID-19 statistics, the nearest hospitals, links to therapy and counseling, or information on policies, you can talk to Yani through Facebook messenger:
Read more: Yani, the EndCovBot, learns LGBT slang

Policy Notes

Policy Papers


UP offers educational materials to the public

17 August 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 serves as the country鈥檚 premier community of scholars, experts, academics and researchers, and a rich reservoir of knowledge, information, cutting-edge research, innovations and technologies. [Read full story]

UPOU-Kaagapay+ launched

10 September 2020鈥擨n consonance with the UP System鈥檚 Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan Fundraising and Resource Generation Campaign (Kaagapay UP), UP Open University (UPOU) launched its own UPOU-Kaagapay+ program on September 1.
[Read full story]

UPLB graduates ready to take on the challenge of a post-COVID world 鈥 Regent Laurel

8 September 2020鈥斺淭he year 2020 is the year that will forever be remembered as the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a daunting challenge to say the least. This is where the UP education comes into play.鈥 [Read full story]

26 August 2020鈥擜side from gadgets and financial assistance, UP will be implementing two additional programs for the student鈥檚 health, dignity, and welfare.

2 September 2020鈥擳he coronavirus tally in the Philippines could average at around 585,000 before the year ends, based on a forecast by researchers from the 精东影业.

24 August 2020鈥擣aculty members of the UPLB Department of Social Sciences (DSS) gave their take on the COVID-19 pandemic using the lenses of their respective disciplines at the inaugural edition of USAP PH webinar series on Aug 20.

18 August 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Los Banos COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (UPLB CMDL) is aiming to double its target number of testing per day through employing two shifts.

18 August 2020鈥擳he newly-renovated Molave Residence Hall is in an acceptable distance from the various communities inside UPD, including Barangay UP Campus.

COVID infection and inflammation highlighted in UP鈥檚 next online medical grand rounds this Friday

12 August 2020鈥擨nfection and inflammation are both processes that come into play in COVID-19. Most patients will battle the infection over two weeks and only have a mild case of the disease. In some patients, however, inflammation may be severe, leading to cytokine storms and organ failure that are difficult to manage. [Read full story]

1 August 2020鈥擱esearchers at the Philippine Genome Center (PGC) are working round the clock to trace the 鈥渞oute鈥 of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that has been ravaging populations around the Philippines since March.

#KaagapayUP project to bring hope to financially challenged UP students

23 July 2020鈥擳he word kaagapay is typically associated with being at one鈥檚 side. Its constituents, the affix, ka-, which indicates relation, and its root, agapay, or support, together connote mutual assistance, trust, care, and respect from individuals who desire that others become fully functional persons. [Read full story]

UPOU shares tutorials for creating video lectures

28 July 2020鈥擳he shift to remote learning because of COVID-19 brings the possibility of using video materials for teaching. Video lectures by teachers will be an important tool, especially in asynchronous learning, where lessons are discussed without the constraint of having all students together at the same place or at the same time. [Read full story]

19 July 2020鈥擳he Department of Health said the test kits developed by 精东影业 scientists are now ready for commercial use.

UP webinar takes on the mental and emotional impact of COVID-19

22 July 2020鈥擳he COVID-19 pandemic poses a threat not just to people鈥檚 physical health, but perhaps more insidiously, to their mental, emotional and psychological health as well, with uncertainty and fear of the unknown causing and exacerbating worry and stress. [Read full story]

UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team tracks PH cities鈥 road to recovery

23 July 2020鈥擧ow are cities in the Philippines faring in the fight against COVID-19? Where are they now on the road to recovery towards the goal of zero cases? [Read full story]

UP CoPES helps build psychosocial resilience of self and others

14 July 2020鈥擳imes of crisis can inflict not only physical and economic, but also psychosocial harm. These psychosocial hazards take a toll on both individuals and families, compromising the safety and productivity of those involved. [Read full story]

Long road to recovery for survivors of critical COVID-19 cases

14 July 2020鈥斺淲e want our patients to be able to go back to the lives they had before being critically ill.鈥 This is the end goal of physiatrists in providing rehabilitative care and treatment, as emphasized by Dr. Celso Bate of The Medical City and the Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center, in the eleventh episode of UP鈥檚 STOP COVID DEATHS webinar series on July 3. [Read full story]

16 July 2020鈥擡xperts from the 精东影业 have projected that the number of COVID-19 cases in the country may reach more than 85,000 by the end of July.

15 July 2020鈥擳he UPLB-CMDL will serve as a subnational testing center for Laguna and nearby provinces, thereby helping ease a major bottleneck in the COVID-19 response in the country.

15 July 2020鈥斺淭oday, more than any other time, science communication plays an integral part on how science can become more relevant in overcoming the challenges we face in this pandemic.鈥

15 July 2020鈥擳he Philippine General Hospital said Wednesday it could no longer accept critically ill coronavirus patients from other health facilities because its beds were almost full.

14 July 2020鈥擳he experts from the 精东影业 (UP) have recommended that the government should take into consideration the sector-specific needs of the vulnerable and marginalized to be able to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team launches new features on

7 July 2020鈥擳he UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team (UP PRT) launches new features in, a web portal created to provide the public with vital information and tools in the fight against COVID-19. [Read full story]

UP webinar to tackle the challenges of staying safe while serving in the line of fire

7 July 2020鈥擜nesthesiologists, doctors who provide perioperative care to COVID-19 patients, are among medical workers who serve at the frontlines in the battle against the viral pandemic. As such, they face health risks due to their exposure and close proximity to COVID-19-positive patients in enclosed spaces. [Read full story]

鈥楤e visible. Be available.鈥

6 July 2020鈥擬a. Rita Villanueva-Tamse teaches in the UP Open University (UPOU) Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program and at the UP Manila College of Nursing, where she earned her bachelor鈥檚 and master鈥檚 degrees. She is a former chief of the UP Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) Division of Clinical Nursing Operations and a former deputy director for Nursing at the same hospital. She has almost 40 years of experience in nursing administration. [Read full story]

6 July 2020鈥擸ou can calculate this using job and workplace risk calculators developed by UPLB biomathematicians based at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) of the College of Arts and Sciences.

7 July 2020鈥擜n alumna of UPLB and native of Los Ba帽os leads the development of a mass testing technology in Switzerland that is considered a breakthrough in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 July 2020鈥擜t first glance, the field of agricultural biotechnology (agri biotech) does not seem to have any relation at all to fighting a pandemic. But according to Dr. Flerida A. Cari帽o, professor of biochemistry at UP Diliman, agri biotech has a bigger role in countering the current COVID-19 crisis than most people realize.

6 July 2020鈥擳he next episode of 鈥淓du-Hack: Navigating a Turbulent Educational Landscape鈥 targets students who will be enrolling this academic year, with the gloom of the pandemic on their shoulders.

UP BadAss hits a serve for IP communities

6 July 2020鈥擡ven with COVID-19 putting a strain on the country鈥檚 healthcare system and economy, experts have found that the world鈥檚 indigenous peoples have been disproportionately affected. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs recently cited that their relatively poor access to healthcare, higher rates of communicable and non-communicable diseases, and lack of access to essential services make indigenous communities especially vulnerable to the ravages of a global pandemic. [Read full story]

10 July 2020鈥擳he Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases has approved the collaboration with five coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine manufacturers from China and Taiwan to be used in clinical trials in the country.

9 July 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 鈥 Philippine General Hospital on Thursday said it has exceeded its initial 130-bed capacity for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients.

Plans, Possibilities and Progress: UP academics moving into the 鈥渘ext normal鈥

2 July 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 (UP) is coming to terms with the fact that we can no longer go back to the traditional modes of teaching and learning. However, this 鈥渘ext normal鈥漣s also opening up new prospects, platforms, and possibilities for teaching and learning, which UP is set to explore within the next two months. [Read full story]

UPRI launches Policy Sourcebook on COVID-19

3 July 2020鈥擶ith the barrage of news, information, and social media posts coming from all sides, it can be a challenge for ordinary Filipinos to stay up-to-date with the national government鈥檚 efforts to fight COVID-19. In light of this, the 精东影业 (UP) has come up with a way to keep track of the government鈥檚 latest policies and measures to defeat the viral pandemic in the country. [Read full story]

Off-label drug therapies in COVID-19 may lead to arrythmias

2 July 2020鈥擳he use of antivirals and antimalarials as off-label therapies in the treatment of COVID-19 may result in arrythmias or heartbeat irregularities, according to Dr. Chito Permejo, a UP Manila College of Medicine 2001 graduate who is a cardiology intensivist at the Philippine Heart Center. [Read full story]

UP Prof. Emeritus Pernia talks COVID-19 and the Economy at UPAA Kapihan

3 July 2020鈥擜n enriching discussion titled 鈥淐OVID-19 and the Economy鈥 on the intersection of human and economic health took place on June 16, 2020, as former National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Secretary and UP School of Economics Emeritus Professor Ernesto M. Pernia was the guest and resource speaker at the UP Alumni Association鈥檚 (UPAA) Kapihan ng Bayan sa UP program. [Read full story]

29 June 2020鈥擜 molecular epidemiologist from UPLB explained how pandemics, such as COVID-19, are caused by declining biodiversity.

29 June 2020鈥擳he UPLB COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (UPLB-CMDL) received today, June 29, its certification as a molecular laboratory that can perform independent testing for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) by Realtime PCR from the Department of Health-Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (DOH-RITM).

1 July 2020鈥擳he UP Badminton Association in Diliman (UP BADASS), in coordination with Abra Indigo-Manila, is selling hand-embroidered face masks by the Itneg community in Abra to raise funds for the indigenous peoples (IPs) community in Namarabar, Pen虄arrubia, Abra.

URUGUP para han Jipapad

30 June 2020鈥擴P Tacloban turned over to the local government of Jipapad, Eastern Samar 231 sacks of rice (@ 10 kilos), 10 liters of alcohol-based hand rub, and 350 3-D printed face shields on 21 June 2020 for distribution to residents. The donation was delivered with the assistance of Navara Nation Philippines-Eastern Visayas Chapter. [Read full story]

Self-reliance needed in country鈥檚 response to COVID-19

30 June 2020鈥擴P Manila (UPM) College of Medicine (UPCM) Dean Charlotte Chiong said, 鈥淲e need to be self-reliant in testing, prevention, and treatment.鈥 This was her statement after being asked by PhilHealth Board Director Susan Mercado to comment on the country鈥檚 independence in the fight against COVID-19. [Read full story]

26 June 2020鈥擜mong these are the farmers who have lost their market due to transport constraints. Seeing the plight of the farmers, a group of university students decided to act and help the farmers gain a market in the metro.

29 June 2020鈥擝ut what began as a hobby and at times, a source of additional income, has now turned into a way for the trio to give back to the jeepney drivers on the 精东影业 (UP) Diliman campus in Quezon City who have been jobless since March due to the Metro Manila lockdown.

28 June 2020鈥擬asks made of indigenous fabric have retained some level of value both for producers and their clientele. This is because of the time, effort and history behind the fabric woven the traditional way in many parts of the city and other Cordillera towns.

30 June 2020鈥擳he number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines may reach more than 60,000 by July 31, according to a study made by a group of experts.

26 June 2020鈥擳here are now 332 patients afflicted with the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country who are participating in the World Health Organization鈥檚 (WHO) global Solidarity Trial, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato dela Pena said on Friday, June 26.

28 June 2020鈥擳he art of medicine is almost as old as civilization itself. Advances in science have increased the reliability of treatments we use to help our patients feel better. The way we deliver care, however, has remained the same. A doctor still needs to examine a patient.

UP Mindanao, DOST XI to help set up COVID-19 testing facility in Davao de Oro

26 June 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 (UP) Mindanao will help set up another COVID-19 testing facility in Davao de Oro Province, signing a memorandum of agreement with the Provincial Government and the Department of Science and Technology Region XI last 22 June 2020 at the Provincial Capitol in Nabunturan, Davao de Oro. [Read full story]

UPOU offers free online bridge courses

23 June 2020鈥擳rue to the University as a public service institution, UP Open University (UPOU) will offer free online bridge courses in English and Mathematics for senior high school students, college freshmen, and all other interested individuals starting July 1. [Read full story]

10th UP-PhilHealth webinar will be about children鈥檚 health during COVID-19 pandemic

24 June 2020鈥擳here are many ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic may negatively affect the health, wellbeing, and development of children. Like adults, they are also at risk of getting COVID-19 or facing various stressful situations, such as lack of access to food, vaccination, healthcare, education, and other basic needs due to lockdown policies, unfavorable environment, or possibly other illnesses. Children may also become anxious about this 鈥渘ew normal鈥 or have difficulties in expressing their feelings about the situation. [Read full story]

鈥淏awal lumabas.鈥

23 June 2020鈥擜ngelique Rosete is a gynecology and trophoblastic nurse, and a research coordinator at the UP-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) who is currently finishing her thesis in the Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program of UP Open University (UPOU). [Read full story]

CSC@40 Anniversary Lecture: 鈥淜atatagan at Pagbangon sa Panahon ng Pandemya鈥

24 June 2020鈥擳he UP Baguio Cordillera Studies Center invites everyone to join us on Friday, 26 June 2020, 10:00 a.m., via Livestream for the CSC@40 Anniversary Lecture titled, 鈥淜atatagan at Pagbangon sa Panahon ng Pandemya鈥 to be delivered by Prof. Rozel Balmores-Paulino of the Department of Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology, 精东影业 Baguio. [Read full story]

Surviving COVID-19, becoming a better nurse

23 June 2020鈥擩ohn Alex Melencio is a charge nurse and team leader at The Royal Brompton Hospital in London, UK. He is also a UP alumnus, having earned his Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) degree from the UP Open University (UPOU). [Read full story]

23 June 2020鈥擨n this time of a pandemic, the UPLB University Library (UL) aims to move 鈥渃loser鈥 to its users by intensifying its online services.

24 June 2020鈥擜 forensics-based approach to managing the dead due to COVID-19 will help policymakers better understand the disease as they navigate the country through the pandemic, a member of the academe said Wednesday.

24 June 2020鈥擳he project called 鈥淐onvalescent Plasma as Adjunctive Therapy for Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19鈥 will provide adjunctive therapy which is a treatment used to support the main or primary treatment of diseases.

21 June 2020鈥擳he Philippine representatives to the WHO Solidarity clinical trial are led by Dr. Marissa Alejandria of the 精东影业 College of Medicine and president of the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

24 June 2020鈥擳he relaxation in quarantine restrictions has brought about a surge in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infections nationwide, a 精东影业 math professor said Tuesday.

UP Baguio opens arts and crafts market at Oblation grounds

22 June 2020鈥擨t is the artists and artisans their turn at trading their works at the 精东影业 Baguio (UPB) Oblation Grounds with an arts and crafts fair dubbed 鈥淢and毛ko Kito, Artisans Market鈥 scheduled every Monday and Tuesday 9:00am-12:00nn starting June 15. [Read full story]

UPVTC URUGUP distributes 2nd batch of alcohol

17 June 2020鈥擴P Visayas Tacloban College (UPVTC), through URUGUP, its institutional response to the COVID-19 crisis in Eastern Visayas, distributed its second batch of 80% ethyl alcohol URUGUP hand rub on May 27. [Read full story]

UP webinar highlights Lung Center鈥檚 innovations in fighting COVID-19

18 June 2020鈥擠r. Antonio B. Ramos, manager of the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) Department of Administrative Services and resource speaker for the sixth episode of the 精东影业鈥 鈥淪TOP COVID DEATHS: Clinical Management Updates鈥 webinar series held on May 29, talked about the LCP experience in promoting hospital personnel safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Read full story]

Is there more to a zero in disease statistics?

17 June 2020鈥擫achica is a member of the IAM laboratory and has been involved in the conduct of COVID-19-related research. He is also a research assistant in the Commission on Higher Education-Discovery-Applied Research and Extension for Trans/Interdisciplinary Opportunities: Synoptic Study on Transmission and Optimum Control to Prevent Rabies Program or the CHED DARE-TO: STOP Rabies Program, which is headed by UPMin. [Read full story]

COVID-19 Clinical Management: The Cebu Experience

17 June 2020鈥擳o help Filipinos courageously face the COVID-19 pandemic, the UP webinar series, 鈥淪TOP COVID DEATHS: Clinical Management Updates,鈥 is hosted by the 精东影业, in partnership with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) and the UP Manila National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Telehealth Center, every Friday from 12nn to 2pm. [Read full story]

16 June 2020鈥擨ncoming freshmen entering the 精东影业 (UP) are told to expect remote teaching and learning under the new normal.

16 June 2020鈥擳he latest literary works of Layeta Bucoy, UPLB鈥檚 lone UP Artist, homegrown playwright, and faculty member at the Department of Humanities, is a story about life, struggles, and love for family amid the pandemic and community lockdown.

Catastrophic Loss in Jobs and Work Hours: Save the MSMEs and Protect the Workers

17 June 2020鈥擬ore catastrophic losses in both jobs and work hours are expected in the second and third quarters of 2020 in view of: (a) the expansion of the lockdown from Luzon in mid-March to virtually the rest of the country by early April 2020; (b) the extension of the community quarantine until a vaccine against COVID-19 is available and made more widely accessible; and (c) the influx of tens of thousands of displaced overseas Filipino workers. [Read full story]

UPCAT qualifiers enrolling in UP can expect the 鈥渘ew normal鈥 of remote learning

15 June 2020鈥擣or this year鈥檚 batch of successful UPCAT qualifiers who will be entering the 精东影业 (UP) as freshmen enrollees, their first taste of university life will be that of the 鈥渘ew normal鈥: remote teaching and learning, with the possibility of blending remote and face-to-face meetings. [Read full story]

UPV Tacloban College maps the COVID-19 outbreak in Eastern Visayas

16 June 2020鈥擬otivated by recent developments in the COVID-19 situation and incremental movements towards the new normal in Eastern Visayas, the 精东影业 Visayas Tacloban College, through its Regional Environmental Information Systems program and Health Services Unit, has endeavored to visualize key COVID-19 data in the region. [Read full story]

Gender inclusion, appreciative resilience vital to crisis response

16 June 2020鈥擱esponse to a crisis, whether the crisis may be resolved quickly or drawn out over a long period, benefits greatly from gender inclusion and appreciative resilience. For which reason these actions are vital to successfully ensuring the psychosocial well-being of persons dealing with crises. [Read full story]

15 June 2020鈥擱esources for remote learning are now available to assist educators shifting from traditional classroom instruction to blended learning when the new school year opens on August 24.

15 June 2020鈥擴PLB鈥檚 Oplan Hatid has made it to the 1,000th mark in the number of students it has served since the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was implemented in Luzon on March 16.

12 June 2020鈥擳wenty four Sri Lankan graduate students from UPLB were able to fly home to their country today, June 11, through an embassy-coordinated operation of various UPLB offices and Oplan Hatid.

12 June 2020鈥擴PLB Oplan Hatid, a program under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA), partnered with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine Air Force (PAF) to fly home students who were stranded in the UPLB campus during the series of community quarantine implemented in Luzon from March 16 to date.

UP webinar takes on COVID-19 and its impact on heart disease

11 June 2020鈥擮ne out of four adult Filipinos has hypertension, while a large portion of the population are not aware that they have persistently high blood pressure. How does the COVID-19 pandemic impact adult Filipinos with heart disease? [Read full story]

UPV community takes care of UPD students

11 June 2020鈥擳he arrival of 14 Ilonggo UP Diliman (UPD) students in Iloilo City on May 31 may have come as a surprise to the UP Visayas (UPV) administration and alumni, but they wasted no time in taking care of these students. [Read full story]

UP Alumni Association to hold Kapihan ng Bayan sa UP on 鈥淐OVID-19 and the Economy鈥

11 June 2020鈥擣rom jobs lost, businesses shutting down, manufacturing and supply chains interrupted, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on both the global and national economy. [Read full story]

UPOU sets more online lectures and discussion

11 June 2020鈥擳he easing of restrictions does not mean the crisis is over, with the impact of COVID-19 cutting across various sectors. In an effort to continue the capacity-building of affected individuals, organizations, and fields, the UP Open University (UPOU) has embraced its unique role as online education provider, at a time when physical distancing is a must and mass gatherings are prohibited. [Read full story]

9 June 2020鈥擵irgin coconut oil trials on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) are finally underway, according to Science and Technology Secretary Fortunato dela Pe帽a.

7 June 2020鈥擜 telepresence device that can enable health workers to connect with their patients without physically being present in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) wards can now be used at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

5 June 2020鈥擜 partnership that sought to help the medical community in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic has fulfilled its promise.

5 June 2020鈥擲even UP Health Service (UPHS) specialty clinics will be available through telemedicine and will tentatively serve on Monday.

5 June 2020鈥擲wabbing booths for COVID-19 testing have become imperative to protect the lives of medical frontliners who collect sample specimens from suspected and probable patients.

4 June 2020鈥擣ive more students from the 精东影业 in Mindanao were able to return to their hometowns in Davao region after being stranded due to the lockdown brought by the coronavirus disease.

24 May 2020鈥擲tudents of UP Visayas may be considered as trail blazers in the creation of the 鈥楧o It Yourself鈥 face shields in the country.

3 June 2020鈥擳he Mindanao campus of the 精东影业 and the Southern Philippines Medical Center would soon start a series of training for medical personnel to handle the human resource demand of the emerging testing centers across Mindanao for Covid-19 cases.

UP Mindanao launches online platform to track COVID-19 cases in the Davao Region

3 June 2020鈥擟OVID-19 Insights, a web-based platform created and maintained by the UP Mindanao COVID-19 Modeling Team for tracking COVID-19 cases in the Davao Region was launched last month. The team created the platform to provide local government officials, policymakers, researchers, and health professionals valuable tools for decision-making. [Read full story]

UP researchers develop VR prototype of stay-homecare for behavioral and psychological conditions

3 June 2020鈥擭eurological conditions, such as Dementia and Cerebral Palsy, affect the cognitive abilities, motor functions, and performance of activities of daily living of patients. These manifestations may occur throughout the patients鈥 lifetime, which may render poor quality of life for both the patients and their families. [Read full story]

Lessons from the San Lazaro experience

3 June 2020鈥擨n the fifth presentation of the UP webinar series,鈥淪TOP COVID DEATHS: Clinical Management Updates,鈥 on May 22, 2020, Dr. Rontgene M. Solante, head of the Adult Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine unit of the San Lazaro Hospital, shared valuable insights from their care and management of COVID-19 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and other infections. [Read full story]

2 June 2020鈥擧eroes emerge during times of crisis.

23 May 2020鈥擠r. Mary Grace Dacuma of the UP Pandemic Response Team has released findings from a recent study on how an epidemic happens and what an epidemic wave is.

1 June 2020鈥擧anda na ang Kalinga Center quarantine facility sa College of Human Kinetics annex gym sa 精东影业-Diliman sa lungsod ng Quezon para sa mga pasyenteng gumaling na sa COVID-19 at nangangailangan lang ng karagdagang quarantine period.

Yani, the EndCovBot, learns LGBT slang

26 May 2020鈥擫GBT slang or the Beki language option is now available when you converse with Yani! If you鈥檙e looking for COVID-19 statistics, the nearest hospitals, links to therapy and counseling, or information on policies, you can talk to Yani through Facebook messenger: [Read full story]

Medical eLearning at the time of COVID-19

29 May 2020鈥擴P College of Medicine, DOH, and APMC to hold month-long Medical eLearning: Behind the Screens Virtual Conference on June 2020. [Read full story]

Frontliners at the forefront of the 6th UP 鈥淪top COVID Deaths鈥 Webinar, May 29

26 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业, in partnership with Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) and the UP Manila NIH National Telehealth Center, is inviting you to join the fight against COVID-19. [Read full story]

UPVTC reflects on MHPSS in COVID-19 crisis

29 May 2020鈥擳he COVID-19 pandemic, just like previous emergency and crisis situations, activated the UP Visayas Tacloban College (UPVTC) mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) core team. [Read full story]

23 stranded UP Mindanao students return to hometowns through inter-agency efforts

29 May 2020鈥擳wenty-three students of the 精东影业 (UP) Mindanao successfully returned to their respective hometowns starting May 6, following a tightly coordinated inter-agency operation. [Read full story]

More UPV students reunite with families

29 May 2020鈥擲tranded no more. Students of UP Visayas (UPV) who hail from other cities, municipalities, provinces, and regions have gone home as UPV has continued to facilitate their return to their families with the province of Iloilo鈥檚 transition to general community quarantine. [Read full story]

27 May 2020鈥斺淥ur decision will be based on science.鈥 The science community must have heaved a collective sigh of relief when a top government official said this about the way forward for the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

21 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Los Ba帽os鈥 (UPLB) molecular diagnostic laboratory for COVID-19 is now on its way to the final stages of obtaining approval from the World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health (DoH), and Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM).

25 May 2020鈥擠ubbed the 鈥淪ANI-POD,鈥 the research and development project is a partnership among doctors of the 精东影业 (UP) Manila and engineers of UP Diliman, President Rodrigo Duterte鈥檚 report to Congress on Monday said.

28 May 2020鈥擫ight Rail Manila Corp. (LRMC), operator of Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1), has partnered with the 精东影业-Diliman鈥檚 National Engineering Center for the use of an ultraviolet technology to disinfect its train sets.

29 May 2020鈥擳he UP Women’s Basketball Team is launching a fundraiser to help indigent team members amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

30 May 2020鈥擜 farmers market will be open to the public every Friday at the 精东影业 Baguio, to help widen access to food during the quarantine.

30 May 2020鈥擳he Philippine General Hospital (PGH) has accepted an offer from the Lopez Group to help the state university hospital increase 10 times its capability to test for the virus SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of the dreaded coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

OVPAA Memorandum No. 2020-62: Reiteration of the Grading System in the Implementing Guidelines of the UP System Policy on the Second Semester 2019-2020 in Light of COVID-19

22 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has issued Memorandum No. OVPAA 2020-62 reiterating the grading system in the implementing guidelines of the UP policy on the second semester 2019-2020 in light of COVID-19. [Read full memorandum]

UPVTC turns 47

22 May 2020鈥擶hat to do when mass gatherings are not allowed to celebrate an occasion because of a pandemic? Take it online. [Read full story]

Kidney patients more vulnerable to COVID-19

21 May 2020鈥擳he severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic, is well-known for causing respiratory problems. However, the virus does not only attack the lungs but targets other organs as well. [Read full story]

UP Cebu CENVI presents 鈥渁 timeline in maps鈥 of Cebu City鈥檚 battle against COVID-19

21 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Cebu Central Visayas Center for Informatics (CENVI), a Department of Science and Technology-funded project under the NICER program, created last May 5 a story map showing the series of events that took place after the first COVID-19 cases were reported in Cebu City. [Read full story]

Negrense students of UPV go home

21 May 2020鈥擳wenty-three UP Visayas (UPV) students from Negros Occidental who were stranded in Miagao and Iloilo City due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) have gone home. [Read full story]

UP Beta Sigma Fraternity 鈥 UP Visayas Chapter ramps up COVID-19 response, distributes medical supplies, sends relief in southern Iloilo

21 May 2020鈥擳he local chapter of UP Beta Sigma Fraternity in the 精东影业 Visayas (UPV) distributed 100 liters of alcohol and 1000 pieces of medical grade surgical masks to different health centers and hospitals in the first district of Iloilo, including the municipalities of Oton, Tigbauan, Guimbal, Miag-ao, and the UPV Infirmary and dormitories. [Read full story]

21 May 2020鈥擣ighting the COVID-19 pandemic has made UPLB colleges and institutes step up to do their part.

20 May 2020鈥擳o continue providing frontliners protective gear to battle COVID-19, the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) is making a clarion call for volunteers to assemble face shields.

20 May 2020鈥擜t least 14 students of the 精东影业 (UP), who were stranded at the school campus in Quezon City since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine last March, were expected to arrive in Naga City on Wednesday afternoon.

19 May 2020鈥擧ere is an update on the initiatives or projects of various UPD units, student organizations and an alumni group.

8 May 2020鈥擨ssues surrounding higher education institutions (HEIs) amid the COVID-19 pandemic are often associated with the undergraduate level, with this sector comprising majority of students.

15 May 2020鈥擨n these extraordinary times, speed is of the essence. To further accelerate our LGUs鈥 CoVID-19 response, CoVcheck developed the Quarantine Buddy (QB).

14 May 2020鈥擴P Visayas is continuously endeavoring to assist its students who are stranded in Miagao and Iloilo City campuses who wish to return to their places of residence now that the Second Semester has ended.

19 May 2020鈥擠ubbed as Kanlungang Palma sa Panahon ng Pandemya, the social sciences and humanities hub of 精东影业 Diliman takes on the responsibility of housing suspected and probable coronavirus cases in the area.

18 May 2020鈥擨n support of the government鈥檚 drive to curb the effect of the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 精东影业 opened the annex of the College of Human Kinetics Gym as a step-down isolation facility.

15 May 2020鈥擳he National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) helped the Department of Health-Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (DOH-RITM) train 54 medical technicians.

17 May 2020鈥擳he Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (UPD-OVCAA) of the 精东影业-Dilman is asking for volunteers to help assemble face shields for frontliners.

15 May 2020鈥擶hile adults are adjusting to the arrangements required by the COVID-19 crisis, children are likely having a hard time understanding the sudden changes going on around them.

12 May 2020鈥擫ike most UP Diliman units, the UP School of Statistics (STAT) has projects addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.

14 May 2020鈥擜n infectious diseases specialist cautioned the public against keeping their guard down as the Philippine government is set to reduce quarantine restrictions to revive the economy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Philippines in a global race to find a treatment for COVID-19

13 May 2020鈥擜s the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the planet, medical experts and scientists around the world have found themselves in an unprecedented race to find a treatment for the disease. [Read full story]

Yani the EndCovbot has unlocked a new skill!

12 May 2020鈥擱emember Yani the EndCovBot? If you鈥檙e looking for the latest COVID-19 statistics in your municipality, city, province, region, or for the whole Philippines, just ask Yani on Messenger. [Read full story]

UP to provide its workforce additional emergency allowance

14 May 2020鈥擨n consideration of the unprecedented situation confronting its constituents, UP is providing its workforce an additional emergency allowance of P5,000 each not earlier than May 15, 2020. [Read full story]

11 May 2020鈥擜s UPLB stepped up to establish its own COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory that shall serve as a subnational testing center for Laguna and neighboring provinces, it sought to equip the said facility with an all-important pre-requisite 鈥 biosafety and biosecurity.

12 May 2020鈥’Mass testing, isolation, and contact tracing 鈥 this is where we should invest,’ says Professor Jomar Rabajante of the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team

9 May 2020鈥斺楳a, Bakit Hindi ka pa uuwi?鈥 is a question often asked of the children of these amazing women at Philippine General Hospital. But despite missing and worrying about their own families, they must heed their call to serve.

12 May 2020鈥擳he UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team, a group of some 200 professors, researchers, alumni, and students, says data sharing ‘must be used to generate knowledge’

12 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team in their policy note released Tuesday pointed out errors and discrepancies in the Department of Health’s data on COVID-19 patients.

13 May 2020鈥擣ilipino scientists and medical practitioners who were trained and based overseas have joined the frontliners in Philippine hospitals in the continuing struggle against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

10 May 2020鈥擳he first accredited molecular laboratory in Eastern Visayas will boost the country鈥檚 fight against the deadly coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the region.

13 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业-Diliman (UPD) Palma Hall is now operating as a quarantine facility for suspected and probable cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Pandemic shines light on country鈥檚 brightest minds

11 May 2020鈥擨n the battle against COVID-19, Filipino scientists鈥攕uch as the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team鈥攖ake center stage. Get to know some of the ways they harness their knowledge and skills to help the country win the war against a deadly virus. [Read full story]

11 May 2020鈥擭etizens were treated to a heart-felt cover of the song 鈥淟et there be Peace on Earth鈥 by the 精东影业 Concert Chorus.

11 May 2020鈥擮n Saturday, a team of 精东影业 (UP) professors recommended that the government extend the ECQ in Metro Manila and other areas, warning that a premature easing could lead to 24,000 COVID-19 cases and 1,700 deaths by mid-June.

10 May 2020鈥擳here are now 26 testing laboratories in the Philippines that are capable of detecting the SARS CoV-2鈥攖he coronavirus that causes the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

UPD-NIMBB trains med-techs for COVID-19 detection

8 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 is training medical technicians in performing the qRT-PCR assay for the detection of the SARS CoV2, to support the training efforts of the Department of Health (DOH) and the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) for COVID-19 testing. [Read full story]

COVID-19, ECQ, and Crash Landing on You

8 May 2020鈥擰uestion: How does one explain the COVID-19 crisis from a governance perspective in an easily digestible and palatable manner? [Read full story]

8 May 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 has released a video paying tribute to its alumni who succumbed to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

7 May 2020鈥擨ncorporation of new technologies into the Philippine court system will help dispensation of justice during the COVID-19 pandemic and even after, a study from the 精东影业 College of Law said.

6 May 2020鈥擳o maintain the 鈥済ood air quality鈥 as the 鈥渘ew normal,鈥 a scientist from the 精东影业 has appealed to all sectors to use the opportunity to reconsider activities that have adverse impacts on air quality.

UP鈥檚 鈥淪topCOVIDDeaths鈥 webinar to discuss COVID-19 treatment landscape

7 May 2020鈥擳he third installment of the UP webinar series, 鈥淪top COVID Deaths: Clinical Management Updates,鈥 will happen on Friday, May 8, at 12:00 PM in Taipei. [Read full story]

1 May 2020鈥擜s the nation looks forward to a post-pandemic scenario, UP Diliman (UPD) is easing the transition to post-ECQ.

7 May 2020鈥擬AYNILAD Water Services, Inc. has handed over 100 isolation tents and hygiene kits to an alumni association of the 精东影业 that is setting up a 100-bed quarantine facility for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients.

5 tips to maintain psychosocial health amid COVID-19 pandemic

6 May 2020鈥擯hysical health is not the only thing that needs precious care in this COVID-19 crisis. Equally important is mental and psychosocial well-being. UP Open University (UPOU) Assistant Professor Finaflor Taylan of the Faculty of Management and Development Studies, who is also a registered social worker, gives advice on maintaining psychosocial health during this time. [Read full story]

UP pays tribute to COVID-19 fatalities

6 May 2020鈥擴P honors the memory of those who have succumbed to COVID-19 as 鈥渦nknown heroes who fell during the night鈥 in a music video of Fr. Manuel Francisco鈥檚 鈥淗indi Kita Malilimutan鈥, featuring the symbolic image of UP鈥檚 Oblation and an alumni roster whose lives were also taken by the virus. [Read full story]

1 May 2020鈥擲everal buildings within the 精东影业 campus in Diliman, Quezon City have been transformed into testing sites, a quarantine facility and living quarters for frontliners and health workers.

4 May 2020鈥擭asa maayos na kalagayan at walang sintomas ng COVID-19 ang 58 estudyante ng UP Los Ba帽os na sinundo ng pamahalaang panlalawigan ng Isabela.

UPCAT 2020 results targeted for release within the month of May

5 May 2020鈥擜s previously announced, the release of the UPCAT2020 results has been delayed due to the enhanced community quarantine. [Read full announcement]

Elevate air pollution problem in post-ECQ 鈥渘ew normal鈥 agenda 鈥 UPD scientist

5 May 2020鈥擜 scientist from the 精东影业-Diliman Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology has called on all sectors to consider putting the issue and solutions to the air pollution problem in the higher agenda for a post-enhanced community quarantine (post-ECQ) 鈥渘ew normal鈥 Philippines. [Read full story]

UPV increases priority of relief to its affected communities

5 May 2020鈥擶hile the University continues to deliver public service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UP Visayas (UPV) has decided to give more priority to the sectors that have been affected by its work and class suspensions. These include its students and employees as well as those who rely on the UPV community鈥檚 patronage: tricycle drivers, food vendors, and laundry service providers, among others. [Read full story]

Air quality after ECQ far from 鈥榥ew normal鈥 expectations 鈥 UPD experts

5 May 2020鈥擡xperts from the 精东影业 Diliman College of Science and College of Engineering are looking at the positive impact of the enhanced community quarantine on air quality, but are not seeing this to be the 鈥渘ew normal鈥 in a post-enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) Philippines. In making this conclusion, they conducted ground-, satellite- and modeling-based approaches to visualize the extent of air quality during pre-ECQ and while on lockdown. [Read full story]

UPV to stranded students: 鈥淧repare to go home鈥

5 May 2020鈥擴P Visayas (UPV) has advised its students stranded in campus and off-campus housing to start preparing to go home. [Read full story]

UP Law offers free legal aid online

5 May 2020鈥擳he UP College of Law launched on April 20, 2020 an online portal to 鈥渉andle requests for legal assistance, legal advice and education, and if necessary, legal representation for issues arising from the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine [ECQ].鈥 [Read full story]

UPOU launches 鈥淓du-Hack鈥 podcast series

5 May 2020鈥擣lexibility and compassion. These were the key takeaways in the first episode of UP Open University鈥檚 (UPOU) podcast series, 鈥淓du-Hack: Navigating through a Turbulent Educational Landscape鈥 on April 28. [Read full story]

UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity donates 10,000 PPEs for UPM-PGH frontliners

5 May 2020鈥擳he UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity (UPBE), based in the UP Diliman College of Engineering, is doing its part to help the country win the war against COVID-19. [Read full story]

UPSO, UP musicians come together in 鈥淎lay sa Sambayang Pilipino sa Panahon ng Agam-Agam鈥, a musical tribute

4 May 2020鈥擬usicians, vocalists and choristers from the 精东影业 came together in a virtual performance to honor of the medical and healthcare workers, the frontliners, and the ordinary Filipino people battling against a global pandemic and socio-economic uncertainty. [Read full story]

1 May 2020鈥擨n order to prepare for the operation of the UPLB SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 Testing Center, UPLB personnel took the SARS-CoV2 Testing Training Program at the UP Manila -National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) in UP Diliman on April 28 and 29.

4 May 2020鈥擶hile the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) may lead to the postponement or even cancellation of this year鈥檚 commencement rites at the state university, it doesn鈥檛 mean the end of a cherished graduation tradition.

1 May 2020鈥擜s the coronavirus disease continues to spread across the country, the 精东影业 (UP) has risen to the challenge of lending its expertise and resources to stem the new virus.

2 May 2020鈥擶ith COVID-19 cases declining in major areas in Luzon, a team of professors from the 精东影业 said three minimum health safeguards have to be met first to sustain the flattening of the curve if the government intends to relax its quarantine protocols.

3 May 2020鈥擳he whole world of sports has come to a halt because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the 精东影业 Fighting Maroons Men鈥檚 Basketball Team (UP MBT) stay fighting.

29 April 2020鈥擳he Provincial Government of Davao del Norte donated P12 million to help set up the 精东影业 Mindanao (UP-Mindanao) coronavirus disease (Covid-19) testing laboratory.

UP holds 鈥淪top COVID Deaths: Clinical Management Updates鈥 webinar for healthcare frontliners

30 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 continues its mission to help educate our country鈥檚 medical and healthcare workers and frontliners, enabling them to win the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic through the sharing of information, research, experience, and expertise. [Read full story]

28 April 2020鈥擶hether one has or has no money, food source during the enhanced community quarantine remains a problem.

30 April 2020鈥擳he Philippine Genome Center through its Core Facility for Bioinformatics releases today to the global community through the GISAID database six (6) viral genome sequences of the SARS-CoV-2 from COVID-19 cases between March 22-28, 2020 in Metro Manila.

More support for UP Cebu鈥檚 stranded students

29 April 2020鈥擬ore support has come in for the students left stranded at the 精东影业 Cebu campus following the declaration of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and travel ban over the City of Cebu. [Read full story]

UPV team submits post-ECQ plan to Iloilo City gov鈥檛

29 April 2020鈥擴P Visayas (UPV) Professors Maria Elisa Baliao (Sociology), Rhodella Ibabao (Management), Hanny John Mediodia (Economics), Cristabel Parcon (Sociology), Juhn Cris Espia (Political Science), and Vicente Balinas (Statistics) have forwarded their team鈥檚 proposed exit plan to the Iloilo City government in anticipation of the eventual lifting of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). [Read full story]

28 April 2020鈥擭ine UPLB staff completed the Free Online Biosafety Training for Laboratorians who will be handling SARS-COV-2 or COVID-19, boosting UPLB鈥檚 capability to become certified as a COVID-19 testing center.

27 April 2020鈥擴P Visayas has started distributing 3D-printed face shields to local government units and its institutional partners in Panay and Negros since last week as part of the university’s contribution to the efforts against COVID 19 pandemic.

27 April 2020鈥擴PLB is now rushing work to retrofit one of its Biosafety Level II laboratories into a COVID-19 testing center.

28 April 2020鈥擜 private sector-led initiative has started to conduct a massive testing for the coronavirus disease to help in the early identification, isolation, and management of the disease at the community level.

23 April 2020鈥擳he Department of Psychology of the 精东影业 Diliman (UPD) is offering free 鈥渢elepsychotherapy鈥 services to frontliners, and suspect, probable, and positive COVID-19 patients, including their relatives, and other severely affected by the pandemic.

24 April 2020鈥擳he Department of Health on Friday, April 24, confirmed that the Philippine Genome Center (PGC) is the country’s 18th testing center for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

24 April 2020鈥擬indanao will have its second COVID-19 testing laboratory by June this year, 精东影业 Mindanao said in a press release Friday.

27 April 2020鈥擝ased on its forecast, the UP team said that should the ECQ be continued, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the National Capital Region (NCR) will not breach the 10,000 mark by May 31.

24 April 2020鈥擳he office of Vice President Leni Robredo has purchased 10,000 units of coronavirus test kits that were developed by a scientist from the 精东影业.

UP sets guidelines on proceeding with academic year affected by the ECQ

24 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 released on 23 April 2020 implementing guidelines for proceeding with the Second Semester of Academic Year 2019-2020, which has been affected by the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon and other parts of the country. [Read full story]

UPD chemists produce sanitizers

24 April 2020鈥擫ike other UP campuses with chemists and chemistry laboratories, UP Diliman (UPD) has been producing alcohol sanitizers鈥攖he demand for which has significantly increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These were distributed to the UPD community and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). [Read full story]

Statement on the Reported Proposal of the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team to Delay the Reopening of Schools up to December 2020

24 April 2020鈥擨n a press briefing at Malaca帽ang Palace on 21 April 2020, the scientific findings by the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team on age-group social interactions and its implications on flattening the so-called epidemic curve was presented. [Read full statement]

UP united: How the state university is raising head and heart against COVID-19

23 April 2020鈥擜s expected of the country鈥檚 national university, the 精东影业 has been among the main institutions at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus. The spirit of honor, excellence and compassion shines brightly among faculty, students, alumni, and staff across constituent universities nationwide. [Read full story]

UP historic building to shelter persons for COVID-19 isolation

23 April 2020鈥擮perations of 鈥淜anlungang Palma鈥 will begin on April 22 after the historic Palma Hall of UP Diliman (UPD) was designated an isolation area for suspected and probable cases of persons with COVID-19, according to bulletins from the UPD College of Social Sciences of Philosophy (CSSP). The shelter will handle cases coming from the UPD area. [Read full story]

UPD department offers free counseling in a time of physical distancing

23 April 2020鈥擳he UP Diliman Department of Psychology, along with its UPD Psychosocial Services (PsycServ) program, has offered free telepsychotherapy services to frontliners, PUMs and PUIs, COVID-19 positive individuals, their relatives, and others severely affected by COVID-19. [Read full story]

URUGUP: UPV Tacloban鈥檚 call for cooperation amid COVID-19 crisis

23 April 2020鈥擯artner, ally, kaugop. This is what UP Visayas Tacloban College (UPVTC) advocates each and everyone to be in facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the Waray word, ugop, URUGUP is UPVTC鈥檚 institutional initiative in bringing together various sectors to help those in need in these trying times. [Read full story]

22 April 2020鈥擜 group of economics professors from the 精东影业 (UP) has proposed the use of sample-based random testing for COVID-19 from among the different industries or sectors and localities such as barangays to fully understand and monitor the transmission of the deadly virus.

22 April 2020鈥擲tranded students of 精东影业 Los Ba帽os (UPLB) participated in a blood donation drive to make purposeful use of their idle time.

23 April 2020鈥擲ince the establishment of the 精东影业 Manila-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) Bayanihan Na! Covid-19 Action Center on March 30, 2020, PLDT Enterprise has served as its backbone through its connectivity infrastructure, Hotline 155-200.

UP AIT houses QC District 6 testing center for COVID-19

22 April 2020鈥擳he east wing of the newly renovated UP Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) building located along Commonwealth Avenue is now COVID-19 Testing Center of Quezon City District 6. [Read full story]

Stop COVID Deaths: Clinical Management Updates Webinar Series

22 April 2020鈥擟hanges in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 as an infection, and as it impacts on all medical and surgical conditions occur at great speed. There are no experts in COVID-19. But over the past month, expertise in different specialties of medicine is growing. [Read full story]

22 April 2020鈥擜t 5:37 p.m., April 11, Faye Marie Palafox, head nurse with the Hospital Infection Control unit at Philippine General Hospital (PGH), posted on her Facebook: 鈥淔inally! Home sweet home!鈥

22 April 2020鈥擶hen the Alliance of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC) ordered the pull-out of 350 medical students from the 精东影业 Manila Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) mid-March, interns Nick Tan, Ino Villlacastin, PA Pangan and Michelle Eala couldn鈥檛 help but feel anxious.

21 April 2020鈥擳he coronavirus disease (Covid-19) diagnostic laboratory proposed by the 精东影业 (UP)-Mindanao is now in its engineering planning and manpower training stages, said Philippine Genome Center (PGC)-Mindanao director.

UPLB publishes free-to-download children鈥檚 ebooks on COVID-19 prevention and control measures

20 April 2020鈥擳he Department of Human and Family Development Studies (DHFDS) under the UP Los Ba帽os College of Human Ecology (UPLB-CHE) has published free-to-download children鈥檚 e-books about the importance of social distancing and of wearing face masks during this time of COVID-19. This was announced in recent posts on UPLB鈥檚 Facebook page. [Read full story]

20 April 2020鈥斺淟ocal research provides country- or region-specific information and data that are necessary for adoption of a new technology.鈥

20 April 2020鈥擳he Manila Health Tek Lab, Inc. has delivered the locally-made coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) test to the 精东影业 National Institutes of Health (UP-NIH).

Get help on how to teach, learn, and work remotely

20 April 2020鈥擯hysical or social distancing have been buzzwords since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out more than a month ago. Traditional classes have been suspended. Work has been reduced to skeleton forces and confined to industries of basic goods and services. [Read full story]

DILG-endorsed UPOU MOOC begins in May

20 April 2020鈥擡nrollment is ongoing for the UP Open University (UPOU) Master of Public Management (MPM) program鈥檚 massive open online course (MOOC) on interlocal cooperation. It is free and open to the public. [Read full story]

ECQ doing good, 鈥榞raduated activation鈥 recommended after April 30鈥擴P pandemic response team

20 April 2020鈥擳he enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) imposed over Luzon, along with other interventions, has indeed slowed down the spread of COVID-19 virus, based on 鈥渢he best available data鈥, according to a team specially formed by the 精东影业 to help government make informed interventions against the pandemic. [Read full story]

Estimating Local Healthcare Capacity to Deal with COVID-19 Case Surge: Analysis and Recommendations

20 April 2020鈥擳he rising number of cases of COVID-19 infections on a daily basis is a serious concern as there are limits to hospital care capacity for patients with serious symptoms (e.g. difficulty in breathing). [Read full paper]

UP Baguio produces ethyl alcohol

20 April 2020鈥擜 team from the UP Baguio College of Science (UPB-CS) is producing 70-percent ethyl alcohol in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UPB announced through an official Facebook post on April 8, 2020. [Read full story]

Call for blood donations: Red Cross 鈥楲ove Bus鈥 goes to UP Diliman dorms

20 Abril 2020鈥擠ahil sa COVID-19 at sa umiiral na enhanced community quarantine, maraming mga mass blood donation ang nakansela. Nahihirapan din ang mga walk-in donors dahil sa limitasyon sa public transportation, kahit na bukas ang ibang blood donation centers. [Basahin ang buong pabatid]

20 April 2020鈥擜t least one good thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic is the display of bravery and heroism from ordinary people.

19 Abril 2020鈥擨nihahanda na ang gusali ng Palma Hall sa 精东影业-Diliman (UP) campus sa Quezon City para magsilbing isolation facility ng mga pasyenteng may coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

19 April 2020鈥擳he team of scientists who delivered the country’s first locally-developed test kits for COVID-19 detection aims to double their production capacity by next month.

18 April 2020鈥擜lumni of a fraternity at the 精东影业 Diliman have come together to send help for frontliners in the battle against the coronavirus crisis.

UP students given options in complying with course reqs, safety nets against failing grades

17 April 2020鈥擨n light of the global pandemic and enhanced community quarantine declared across most of the country, the 精东影业 has decided to end the second semester of AY 2019-2020 on April 30, 2020, instead of the original May 23, 2020. [Read full story]

UP CMC battles COVID-19 鈥榠nfodemic鈥 through fact-checking

17 April 2020鈥擳he UP College of Mass Communication Journalism Department is joining the fight against COVID-19 through fact-checking. [Read full story]

17 April 2020鈥擜s the government-ordered shutdown continues in Luzon, data show the coronavirus curve is starting to flatten, a health expert said Friday.

8 April 2020鈥擶hile it鈥檚 important to remain socially distant, there鈥檚 no stopping our joining of hands to #CombatCOVID.

16 April 2020鈥擶orking with DOST-PCIEERD and UPSCALE Innovation Hub, three Philippine tech startups have started offering new services to aid in the fight against COVID-19. The startups will offer these services and roll out improvements for the duration of the pandemic.

16 April 2020鈥擜part from being a health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, is also a psychosocial crisis.

14 April 2020鈥擶AHM, SAHM 鈥 we鈥檝e probably heard of these before. The terms Work-at-home-moms or stay-at-home-moms have been circulating the virtual space for a few years now. Mothers, mostly, are the ones who maintain online jobs to earn while attending to their families. Today, however, forced by circumstances we find everyone staying home while earning.

15 April 2020鈥擳he Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has formally endorsed the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Interlocal Cooperation (ILC) of the Master of Public Management (MPM) Program.

15 April 2020鈥擳he city government of Iloilo City on Wednesday received additional COVID-19 test kits bought using donations.

15 April 2020鈥擳he local supply of alcohol for sanitation has dwindled due to high demand triggered by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

15 April 2020鈥擜 group of athletes from 精东影业 organized an online training program for the benefit of frontline workers.

13 April 2020鈥斺淒uring disasters, the most basic needs are to be attended,鈥 says Dr. Johnrev Guilaran, clinical psychologist and assistant professor of the College of Arts and Sciences, UP Visayas during an orientation for the frontliners of the university鈥檚 six dormitories at the Miagao campus.

14 April 2020鈥擳he COVID-19 response team of the 精东影业 (UP) has suggested enforcing localized quarantine measures after the initial enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) deadline ends on April 30.

14 April 2020鈥擨n light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the limitation of educational institutions to hold physical classes, the 精东影业 Open University (UPOU) said it will be offering free online courses to train teachers in online teaching.

15 April 2020鈥擬edical research company Manila HealthTek Inc. said Tuesday it aims to produce 8,000 coronavirus test kits per day, which will be distributed to different local government units (LGUs).

14 April 2020鈥擜 nearly month-long lockdown of the Philippines’ main island of Luzon slowed the spread of COVID-19, an institute of the 精东影业 said Monday as it identified areas that might need to sustain quarantine measures beyond April.

13 April 2020鈥擴PLB has always stood at the ready to help in the areas of its expertise in the name of public service during times of great calamity, but the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently gripping the nation and the whole world may be its biggest challenge so far.

12 April 2020鈥擮fficials of UP Visayas led by Chancellor Ricardo Babaran are turning over one month of their Representation and Travel Allowance (RATA), honorarium or other additional benefits to UP, Magbubunga Tayo! to sustain the UPDanay donation drive and relief efforts during the current public health emergency.

14 April 2020鈥擜 young instructor from the 精东影业-Manila’s College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP) has earned the admiration of netizens for going beyond the call of duty amid the new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

13 April 2020鈥擳he delivery of locally developed COVID-19 real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test kits is finally moving after getting the nod from the Philippines鈥 Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

12 April 2020鈥擜 精东影业 group raised some P1.8 million to buy personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies to be donated to some hospitals in Metro Manila.

13 April 2020鈥擨n Tacloban City, businessman Rhoel Ladera and lawyer Hermie Alcera II are organizing a drive to help the frontliners anywhere in the region through their car club Navara Nation Philippines-Eastern Visayas (NNP-EV) chapter.

13 April 2020鈥擜n app that offers grocery delivery service, which was developed with the support of the Department of Science and Technology and the 精东影业 Sustaining Collaboration in an Advanced Learning Environment (UPSCALE), was launched by Drive Manila.

3 April 2020鈥擣or the young to further understand terms they usually encounter during the COVID-19 pandemic, the faculty of the 精东影业 College of Education has created a children鈥檚 dictionary containing words related to COVID-19.

Modified Community Quarantine beyond April 30: Analysis and Recommendations

13 April 2020鈥擯roblem situation: The extension of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) raises the question on how effective the ECQ has been to contain the spread of COVID-19. If it is, how should it be implemented after April 30 without unnecessarily paralyzing local economies over a long period of time? [Read full report]

13 Abril 2020鈥擯inagagamit ng Philippine General Hospital (PGH) ang sistemang “e-dalaw” o electronic dalaw sa kanilang mga pasyenteng may coronavirus disease (COVID-19) para makausap ng mga ito ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay at kahit papaano ay maibsan ang lungkot dulot ng paglaban sa sakit.

8 April 2020鈥擡vidence-based forecasts of possible cases and scenarios on the spread of COVID-19 in the country can now be accessed thanks to the Feasibility Analysis of Syndromic Surveillance using Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler or FASSSTER.

13 April 2020鈥擨n light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the limitation of educational institutions to hold physical classes, the 精东影业 Open University (UPOU) continues its offering of free online courses to train teachers in Online Teaching.

8 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Diliman in Quezon City has converted one of its buildings to accommodate around 35 health workers from the university鈥檚 health service and the Lung Center of the Philippines.

Preparing for a Post-ECQ Scenario: Analysis and Recommendations

7 April 2020鈥擲ince Day One, the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team has done simulations on the spread of SARS-COV-2 in the country. Our bioinformatics group鈥攃omposed mostly of mathematicians from different UP campuses鈥攅stimate a peak by end of April to June with approximately 140,000 to 550,000 people infected in Metro Manila. [Read full story]

3 April 2020鈥擴PLB may be on SOS mode as it raised an urgent call for donations to provide food and other needs of around 1,500 of its students who are stranded in dorms inside and outside the campus due to the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

6 April 2020鈥擭utritious diet with fruits and vegetables has become even more important for survival and better immunity in the midst of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 April 2020鈥擠ulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (DUP) is letting the public watch three of its plays online for free amid the coronavirus-induced quarantine.

6 April 2020鈥擫awyers from the 精东影业 College of Law have offered to defend individuals who have experienced discrimination amid the threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said Monday.

5 April 2020鈥擳he Philippine government is beginning the testing of a new contact tracing smartphone app to aid its fight against the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

4 April 2020鈥擲enator Joel Villanueva lauded on Friday the Food and Drug Administration鈥檚 (FDA) approval of the 精东影业-developed COVID-19 testing kits for public use.

UP Tacloban produces alcohol-based hand rub for frontliners

6 April 2020鈥擳hrough its URUGUP public service initiative, UPV Tacloban College has produced an alcohol-based hand rub following World Health Organization standards for donation to healthcare facilities and other frontline service providers in Eastern Visayas. [Read full story]

UP PGC-Visayas Satellite Facility shares equipment for COVID-19 testing

6 April 2020鈥擳he UP Philippine Genome Center-Visayas Satellite Facility (PGC-VSF) has lent its reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) machine to the Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) to strengthen the hospital鈥檚 capability in testing patients for COVID-19. [Read full story]

6 April 2020鈥擳he Food and Drug Administration last week said it has approved the test kits developed by the 精东影业 National Institutes of Health (UP-NIH) and the Philippine Genome Center with the support of the Department of Science and Technology.

5 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team said an extension of the enhanced community quarantine may help control the further transmission of the novel coronavirus.

5 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Los Ba帽os (UPLB) has offered to convert its existing research laboratories to become a subnational testing center for the coronavirus.

3 April 2020鈥擳he Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Friday that it has approved the test kits developed by the 精东影业-National Institute ofHealth (UP-NIH).

3 April 2020鈥擳he COVID-19 testing kits developed by scientists of the 精东影业 (UP) have completed field validation, and are now ready for mass production and usage.

3 April 2020鈥擜 number of testing kits, which can do up to 26,000 tests, will be distributed for field implementation from April 4 to 25. Currently in production are testing kits that can accommodate up to 120,000 tests.

2 April 2020鈥擳he Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is conducting clinical studies on the possible benefits of virgin coconut oil for patients with moderate to severe cases of COVID-19 and patients under investigation (PUIs).

2 April 2020鈥擳he Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has delivered 106 units of RxBox, a device capable of simultaneously measuring an individual’s vital signs, to the Philippine General Hospital.

UP launches web portal, map for COVID-19 responders

2 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team created the web portal to provide the public with vital information for fighting the coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 in the country. [Read full story]

UPD food tech students produce ginger-calamansi concentrate for PGH and Lung Center frontliners

2 April 2020鈥擬eghan Sevilla and Sofia Tagle, 4th year BS Food Technology students from UP Diliman鈥檚 College of Home Economics (CHE), formulated and produced a ginger-calamansi concentrate called Lucal. Lucal can easily be consumed when mixed with warm or cold water. [Read full story]

1 April 2020鈥擠OH Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire hopes that the 精东影业-National Institutes of Health can soon come out with their locally produced ventilator that is now still in the pipeline.

2 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Los Ba帽os Institute of Chemistry (IC-UPLB) produced ethyl alcohol to be given to the frontliners fighting against the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

2 April 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Resilience Institute (UPRI), in collaboration with the UP Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH), developed a dashboard that tracks the spread of COVID-19 in the Philippines.

2 April 2020鈥擨ATF spokesperson Karlo Nograles announced that the government has allocated 57.2 million pesos for the production of locally-produced COVID-19 testing kits developed by the UP NIH and Manila HealthTek Inc., saying in a press briefing on Tuesday that field validation of the said kits has already been completed and will be rolled out by April 4.

1 April 2020鈥擠OST has allotted P53.2 million as funding for the development of the COVID-19 test kits by the 精东影业 National Institute of Health in response to the pandemic, a report submitted by President Rodrigo Duterte to Congress states.

UPD College of Science responds to COVID-19

1 April 2020鈥擳he UP Diliman College of Science (UPD-CS) expressed its appreciation for its constituents who are actively helping the country respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. [Read full story]

UP-PGH begins operating as COVID-19 referral center

1 April 2020鈥擯reparations have been completed, and on March 30, the 精东影业-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) begins operations as a COVID-19 referral center. [Read full story]

How the UP-developed COVID-19 test kits aid hospital work

1 April 2020鈥擳est kits are essential for rationalization in hospital work. This is what 精东影业-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) Director, Dr. Gerardo Legaspi said in a press conference on March 12. This, he said, allows them to provide their patients proper advice when they consult them about their health. [Read full story]

1 April 2020鈥擲cientists from the 精东影业 are designing a more affordable ventilator that will help patients with the novel coronavirus breathe, the health department said Wednesday as cases of the respiratory disease continued to climb.

31 March 2020鈥擨solation rooms set up at the 精东影业-Philippine General Hospital Polyclinic inside the New Clark City are now ready to take in persons under investigation (PUI) for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), who display mild symptoms, Capas Mayor Reynaldo Catacutan said in a statement.

Bayanihan Na! UP-PGH launches COVID-19 Ops Center

31 March 2020鈥155-200 is the number to call. And it鈥檚 open 24/7. The UP-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) launched its Bayanihan Na! COVID-19 Operations Center on March 30 to answer queries related to COVID-19, including how to volunteer and donate. [Read full story]

30 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业-Philippine General Hospital on Monday launched its operations center for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) concerns.

30 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Manila-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) on Monday launched a dedicated 24/7 hotline number for its Bayanihan Operations Center that covers cases related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

28 March 2020鈥擟hemists composed of students and alumni of UP Visayas are currently making alcohol to be donated to hospitals and frontliners.

UP personnel to receive emergency allowance

28 March 2020鈥擳he UP Administration has announced the release of an Emergency Allowance amounting to P5,000.00 each for all UP faculty and Professors Emeriti who are in active service as of March 17, 2020; research, extension and professional staff (REPS); administrative staff, whether regular, permanent, temporary, UP contractual/casual or substitute; and Contract of Service (COS) and Job Order (JO) workers who are rendering full-time service. [Read full story]

Announcement on the release of UPCAT 2020 results

28 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Office of Admissions is postponing the release of the UP College Admissions Test 2020 results, which was originally scheduled on 30 March 2020. Please wait for further announcement. [Read full story]

28 March 2020鈥擧alaw sa salin ni Prof. Eilene Antoinette G. Narvaez mula sa Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas, Kolehiyo ng Arte at Literatura, UP Diliman.

27 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 has released additional financial support for its members in light of the enhanced community quarantine implemented in Luzon.

27 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Visayas through its Philippine Genome Center, transferred its RT Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine to the Western Visayas Medical Center for COVID-19 testing to complement the existing PCR machine of WVMC.

SOS for stranded students

27 March 2020鈥擳he UP community in each constituent university banded together to give donations and other forms of assistance for UP students who have been stranded in campus and off-campus housing by the enhanced community quarantine. [Read full story]

Free Online Biosafety Training for Laboratorians who will be handling SARS-CoV-2

27 March 2020鈥擳he National Training Center for Biosafety and Biosecurity (NTCBB) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), UP Manila is offering a free Online Biosafety Training for Laboratorians who will be handling SARS-CoV-2 on March 30 to April 3, 2020. [Read full story]

UP-PGH to continue treating non-COVID-19 patients even as a COVID-19 referral center

26 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) will continue serving non-COVID-19 patients even while operating as a COVID-19 referral center as designated by the Department of Health (DOH). [Read full story]

The bayanihan spirit burns bright in the 精东影业

26 March 2020鈥擭o task is too big nor too small in UP鈥檚 fight against COVID-19. This is the rallying spirit behind the various UP听bayanihan听efforts that range from science and technology to humanitarian efforts, leading the way in social responsibility for its students and staff. [Read full story]

25 March 2020鈥擴P鈥檚 College of Engineering is working on several initiatives to help solve problems brought about by the coronavirus. Here鈥檚 how you can help.

24 March 2020鈥擮n Tuesday, Dr. Raul Jara, a renowned cardiologist and an influential teacher, passed away because of COVID-19. We are republishing this piece, originally written in 2013 and updated in 2019, as a tribute to the legacy of Dr. Jara, with permission from the author.

24 March 2020鈥擣abLab UP Cebu is receiving so many requests for face shields that it is producing. We are producing these for free to the medical frontliners of Cebu. Design work for other types of personal protective equipment (PPE) is also in the pipeline.

UP-PGH preparing to operate as COVID-19 referral center

24 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业-Philippine General Hospital has been designated by the Department of Health as one of the three COVID-19 referral centers in NCR, with the concurrence of UP President Danilo L. Concepcion and UP Manila Chancellor Carmencita D. Padilla. [Read full story]

23 March 2020鈥擜 team of faculty members and staff at the 精东影业 Cebu FabLab has designed and started 3D-printing face shield frames to contribute to the much-needed supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the fight against COVID-19.

23 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 Mindanao is proposing a diagnostic program that can give free testing for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Davao Region.

In Memoriam: Former UP Asian Center Dean Aileen SP Baviera

21 March 2020鈥擠r. Aileen San Pablo-Baviera, UP political science professor, former Dean of the UP Asian Center, and one of the country鈥檚 foremost experts in international relations and Asian and China studies, passed away at 3:55 a.m. on March 21, 2020, at San Lazaro Hospital. She was 60 years old. [Read full story]

21 March 2020鈥擠r. Aileen S.P. Baviera, Professor and former Dean of the UP Asian Center, passed away on the early morning of 21 March 2020. She was 60.

UP-PGH is designated as COVID-19 referral hospital for NCR

20 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) has been designated by the Department of Health as one of its COVID-19 referral hospitals for the National Capital Region in line with UP鈥檚 mandate as a public service university. [Read full story]

Salaries of UP lecturers, teaching assistants and fellows to be released early

20 March 2020鈥擨n light of the lockdown of Luzon and provinces in other regions, the UP System administration, through Memorandum No. OVPAA 2020-40 dated March 20, 2020, instructed the constituent universities (CUs) to process the early release of salaries due to lecturers and to teaching assistants (TAs) and fellows (TFs) up to April 15, 2020. [Read full story]

Protocols carried out as 2 UP faculty members undergo test for COVID-19

11 March 2020鈥擳he 精东影业 is strictly carrying out protocols following a recent case of two faculty members being declared patients under investigation (PUIs) for COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus disease. [Read full story]

Memos and Announcements

Information on Constituent Universities

Diliman |
Los Ba帽os[] |
Manila听 |
Philippine General Hospital听 [Website] |
Visayas听 |
Open University听 |
Mindanao听 |
Baguio |
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IN MEMORIAM: Remembering those we have lost
They died alone, with no relatives around to hold their hands as they breathed their last. Some still have to be buried, and others were cremated with no ceremony and no one to bid them goodbye. [Read full story]

Members of the UP Concert Chorus (UPCC) Batch 90s who are in different countries pay tribute to their co-UPCC alumnus, Dr. Raul Jara, and other UPCC alumni-frontliners.

UPSA鈥檚 Tribute to COVID-19 Frontliners
精东影业 Singing Ambassadors
Founded and Conducted by Dr. Ed Manguiat

IN MEMORIAM UP Video Tribute: UP honors the memory of those who have succumbed to COVID-19 as 鈥渦nknown heroes who fell during the night鈥 in a music video of Fr. Manuel Francisco鈥檚 鈥淗indi Kita Malilimutan鈥, featuring the symbolic image of UP鈥檚 Oblation and an alumni roster whose lives were also taken by the virus.

Nasa aming puso ang lahat ng nagdadalamhati.
Nasa aming diwa ang mga bayani ng bagong panahon.
Nasa aming kaluluwa ang pakikiisa sa bawat Pilipino.
Mula sa mga lockdown na lugar ng Baguio, Leyte, Cebu, Davao, Manila, at iba pa, inaalay ng 精东影业 Symphony Orchestra (UPSO), kasama ang UP Madrigal Singers at ang UPCC, UP Staff Chorale, Auit Vocal Ensemble, at mga artista’t iskolar.

In a time as dark as a pandemic, the true heroes shine the brightest: our medical and healthcare frontliners and essential workers, the people who risk each day to save lives, protect our campuses and communities, and keep the world safe for the rest of us. The 精东影业 System and TVUP offer a tribute video to thank and honor the people who continue to serve despite the gravest odds, featuring an original song titled 鈥淚鈥檒l Hold the Line,鈥 composed, arranged and performed by UP Integrated School alumnus Ardie O. Lopez.