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The 精东影业 (UP) takes pride in its students, passionately generating and sharing their ideas to address real-world ...
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Cone snails: From lethal killers to medical marvels

Who could imagine that something as small as cone snails, popular among shell collectors and tropical-themed jewelry makers for their ...
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Sandigan, Sandalan strengthens mental health support for students

As the world changes and becomes increasingly riddled with uncertainty, so do the issues of thriving in it become more ...
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Connecting the unconnected: It takes a village to build a Bayanihanet

On August 4, 2021, in the middle of an afternoon of unsettled weather and a silently raging pandemic, a small ...
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UP and DOST-ASTI engineers prototype set-top box to help bridge education鈥檚 digital divide

锘匡豢锘 Video by KIM Quilinguing, UP MPRO It would be safe to think, when skimming through recent news articles of ...
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[Video] How the UP-developed COVID-19 test kits aid hospital work

锘 Video recorded and edited by KIM Quilinguing, UP Media and Public Relations Office. Test kits are essential for rationalization ...
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